When the Land hunger of the mainland Greeks grew too much to bear they sent out many citizens to found new cities and colonies all over the Mediterranean. Many of these colonies were founded in Asia Minor on the fringes of the world’s greatest empires. Unfortunately for the Iones they are continually beset by mighty kings demanding tribute and service. But this is not the path for a proud Greek! The Iones can utilize their massive cities to draw on armies ready to face the haughty barbarians.

The Iones, like all Greeks, heavily rely on hoplites. But hoplites are the sort of infantry to get the job done no matter what the odds, and it is odds that the Iones are going up against. Lydia to the north, media and Babylon to the east whilst Egypt lurks in the south leaves the Iones in a tight spot. Only a skillful commander will be able to beat back the barbarians and establish Greek supremacy in the east as well as the west!


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